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About Us

Array Bridge Inc. was founded by scientists with extensive experience in drug discovery and biologics development.  Array Bridge provides products and services in two fields: Biologics Development and Functional Proteomics.

During biologics development, especially for biosimilars, comparability to the innovator molecule is critical to the successful development of the process and product. From cell line selection to process development, from formulation development to change control, comparability is closely related to the molecule’s safety and efficacy.

Array Bridge developed "Protein Conformational Arrays" to measure biosimilar as well as novel Biologics comparability at the molecular level, providing a sensitive, systematic and robust measurement of biologics conformational comparability. This antibody array-based technology can be used at all stages of biologics development, from cell line selection and process development to clinical testing and product release, and has been used by many of the leading biotech and pharmaceutical companies in the world. 

In Functional Proteomics, Array Bridge developed PEP (Protein Elution Plate) technology that can measure protein functions from a proteome systematically.  This is a unique combination of powerful 2-D gel protein separation and efficient protein elution and refolding that allows the development of the functional proteome landscape.  This technology can be used for functional biomarker discovery, drug candidate safety evaluation and basic biochemical research.

Array Bridge provides value to our customers through high quality products and services, and we help you develop biologics including biosimilars successfully.